Information Solutions

“I have lots of data but no meaningful information in relation to my business”

MRL is acutely aware that meaningful financial information can only be obtained from customised and well-managed systems. Timely financial information is critical to business and organisational decision-making.

MRL operates on the premise that all of our clients must have reliable and accurate financial information that we define as follows:

  • An appropriate information technology and security platform.
  • Appropriate accounting software package or outsourced system.
  • A platform for budget and profitability reporting.
  • Customised financial reporting in a simple and understandable format.
  • Quantitative measurement of key performance areas.
  • Suitably trained staff or quality external input.

MRL believes in systemic engineering that enables and streamlines this information on a continuous and meaningful basis.

MRL is accustomed to presenting financial information for the purposes of external stake-holders including bankers. This includes development and presentation of historic financial reports, forward cash flow projections, budgets and calculation models.

MRL can source information technology hardware and software for clients and provides trouble-shooting services in some instances.